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Artsy Datesies — A few ideas for you

I had no idea November was such a fun and festive month. There’s literally stuff going on all over North America. Art installations, foodie fests, pop-up shopping–what happened? Didn’t November used to be kind of…lame?

Anyway, here are the fun things I’ve received in my inbox…hopefully at least one is in a city near you (or a city you’ll visit sometime soon):

Whistler: This is really late on the calendar for a harvest fest, but the Whistler Cornucopia is happening from November 8-12. The event schedule is fantastic, and includes everything from cooking demos to champagne after-parties. My faves are the House Party at Memphis Blues (BBQ ribs, beer, wine, DJs); the Artisans’ Market (showcasing farmers and producers of Slow Food Whistler ); and the Arti Gras Gala at the Hilton (Cajun music, psychics, comedians, turducken). Main event Crush! is such a crowd-pleaser, it takes place twice this year. Individual tickets for each event.

San Francisco: Always a ton of stuff in this city, but I’m most excited about the new Marie Antoinette and the Petit Trianon at the Versailles exhibit, opening November 17 at the Legion of Honor. Most of the featured artworks came straight over from the real Versailles, and have never been out of France before. If you wasted $9 to see Kirsten Dunst in that lame Marie Antoinette movie last year (which I did), then you owe it to yourself to get the real story now. Exclusively in SF–but staying through February 17.

Las Vegas:  LOVE this place. It is such an amusement park. In honor of the 2007 Beaujolais Nouveau release (happens annually, the third week in November), Paris Las Vegas is going to light up its fake Eiffel Tower in red neon. All 50 stories. At midnight on November 15th. Tasteful, classic…the French will be thrilled. Actually they won’t, but who cares? It’ll look fab!  Paris will hold wine dinners and tastings and so forth throughout the week.

Wilmington: Sure, why not? North Carolina isn’t usually a cultural hub, but with the 13th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival happening from November 7-10 at Cape Fear, it qualifies. This is a pretty big deal for the area–TIME Magazine wrote it up a couple years ago, and there are even celebs on the 2007 program. Morgan Freeman directed “Just Like the Sun,” and Ethan Hawke directed “The Hottest State”. (Note: I am not saying they will actually show up. But you can hope.)

Los Angeles: Paper Magazine is coming to the West Coast for the PAPERMAG: L.A. Project November 7-11. They’re hosting a Phyllis Diller art exhibit, a guitar shredding competition, and a “fashion outreach day” where they for once drop those East Coast pretensions that Angelenos have no style. But coolest of all, they’re putting together a 24-hour “shopping marathon” on Friday night. (In a perfect world, all shops would be open 24 hours. It just makes sense.) Apparently this is how Paper gets good material for their annual Los Angeles edition. Whatever works, kids.

I’ll be at the Paper thing, and will give you a full report on 24-hour shopping. If you hit up any of the others (or anything else fun), send me pictures.


Sex. Coffee. Chocolate. White wine. Oysters. Good Vibrations.

Yes, you read it right. That is how my Saturday morning went. Or it may have been Friday morning. I cannot remember. It was that damn good.

There’s a boy up in SF who’s giving me the “full court press,” to appropriate a basketball term… and wow, is he ever doing it well. For starters, the “morning” didn’t even start till 10:30. The coffee was fresh-ground, from Cafe Abir. It magically appeared on my nightstand, with exactly the right amount of cream in it. The chocolate and wine occurred *while we were waiting to be seated* at the oyster bar. (Because baby gets grumpy when she has to wait.) The oysters…well, there were two dozen of them, all for me. Then off to Good Vibrations, the fabulous female-owned sex toy shop that all horny city-dwellers know and love. And finally, back home to test-drive our purchases. Meee-ow!

I was actually supposed to be interviewing a tour operator in Nicaragua about volcano surfing Cerro Negro…and I did. Much, much later. I also read up on elephant polo. (It’s much like equestrian polo, only reeeeaaallly sloooow and not as scary. The elephants sometimes wear makeup.)

I was writing a story on obscure adventure sports, in case you hadn’t figured it out. And I actually did make some progress. Not even daytime drinking or extreme endorphin overload can stop this girl from working, especially when a deadline looms. I am not sure how the boy will adjust to this, but at the moment, he’s playing it cool. 

We’d actually planned to go shopping for a slutty outfit for me to wear to the Exotic Erotic Ball, but that didn’t happen because

a) I was working

b) 7PM came of nowhere, and we went downtown to meet my sisters

c) I decided I didn’t want to go to the Exotic Erotic Ball. Too much nasty on parade, too many strangers trying to grope, sorry, not for me. Besides, I just got a big ol’ whopping serving of freaky at the Folsom Street Fair. (I will post pictures, so you can see what I mean.) In fact, I’m still dealing with the fallout.

So anyway, it was an early night–glass of wine at Place Pigalle, dinner at Delle Stella, back home and to bed.

“You know, this morning would make a hell of a blog,” he said.

“I think you’re right,” said I.

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