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Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show pt. 3: Suicide Girls are nice

Suicide Girls is an online magazine that’s been giving horny punk rockers, goths and other sophisticated types a place to view tattooed and pierced lovelies in, as the Victorians say, various states of dishabille since 2001, when it was founded in (where else?) Portland, Oregon. My last interview of the day at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show was over at the booth of the now L.A.-based company, where Vancouver photographer Cherry and a few of the Girls were chatting with visitors and selling clothing and a new book, Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined. Watch for my outdated Pearl Jam reference as I talk with Cherry as well as Rydell (Calgary) and Meshell and Glitch (Vancouver).

Cherry, Rydell, Glitch and Meshell... I think.

Cherry, Rydell, Glitch and Meshell... I think.

Me: What’s that, short for Glitchowski or something?

(general laughter)

Me: So do you consider yourself models?

Meshell: I don’t like using that word.

Rydell: We just consider ourselves Suicide Girls.

Me: So what’s a Suicide Girl?

Meshell: Somebody who’s comfortable and confident with her body and her style.

Me: But who doesn’t want to be known as a model? Like, the barista next door?

Cherry: Some Suicide Girls are professional models. A lot of us are just normal everyday girls with normal jobs or who go to school.

Me: That’s basically how the whole thing started, right? The girl next door who’s pierced and listens to Pearl Jam.

Cherry: Yeah. But sometimes some girls start modeling with Suicide Girls and then other photographers and agencies approach them and they then become models.

Me: Rydell, is the best way to get into Suicide Girls by knowing a photographer like Cherry?

Rydell: Yes. She’s a staff photographer, I’m more comfortable shooting with her than say with someone else.

Me (to Cherry): How did you become a staff photographer?

Cherry: I was a Suicide Girl to start with. Then I was a photo retoucher. All we really do is take out blemishes, make the colours nice. We don’t do any of the standard beauty retouching. After that, I photographed my own sets of photos and a few of my friends approached me and asked me to photograph them. Then the people who started Suicide Girls liked my stuff and asked me to shoot more sets and start recruiting for them.

Me: How do you recruit?

Cherry: At places like this convention, like if we see hot girls who fit the description, or girls who are confident and come over and start asking how they do it.

Me: Would you put an ad on Craigslist?

Cherry: No. We don’t anything like that. We let the girls come to us. That’s very important, it has to be their decision. It’s something they want to do for themselves rather than the normal model industry.

Me: Glitch, how did you get involved?

Glitch: I just wanted to show a different side of beauty, and show other girls they could have role models other than what is out there.

Me: Is it important to work with female photographers rather than males?

Glitch: Not necessarily. I feel comfortable with Cherry, but I like different creative aspects of different photographers and how they shoot me.

Me: How much a part of your life is about being a Suicide Girl?

Glitch: It’s not a huge part. I check my messages every day.

Me: Have any of your friends gotten involved because you got involved?

Meshell: My best friend. We used to live together, and after I did my first shoot she wanted to do one. Now she’s part of Suicide. We shot our sets in our house once and had a lot of fun.

Me: That’s an important aspect too, isn’t it, shooting where you live.

Meshell: Wherever you want.

Cherry: Or bars, or shops. Or even outdoors. We try to use a wide variety of locations. They have to be real. There are very few studio shoots. The girl chooses how she wants to be represented. She chooses her theme. It can be a complicated story or homage to a film, or as simple as a cute girl hanging out being herself. The whole range.

Me: Get any crazies?

Cherry: Yes. Any society, any community, there’s people who are normal and people who are way out there. It’s what makes it interesting.

Me: What kind of person reads Suicide Girls?

Cherry: Everyone. So many different people. Everyone from straight wives right through to lesbian girls, different types of men. And all kinds of ages, from 18 to.. we’ve got members in their sixties and seventies. It’s like Playboy has a wide readership.

Me: But with less retouching.

Cherry: Yeah. I think that’s what draws people to us.

Meshell: That, and the style.

Cherry: And they [subscribers] can talk to us on the site.

Meshell: We all have blogs.

Me [gesturing at trade show]: Are you going to write about this?

Meshell: Yep.

Me: We’ll see how that compares to mine.

(Nervous laughter)


Seinfeld was never like this

In which the gang goes to the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show on an otherwise blah Saturday afternoon in January. Featuring your blogger Shawnster; M; Allen, and Wingy. All are single except for Allen, who may be soon, since he seems to be headed in the direction of a breakup with his partner of three years. 

Opens in M’s living room. The gang, all present but Wingy, contemplates its upcoming foray to the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show, held at the Vancouver Convention Centre Jan. 10-13.

M: I’m really looking forward to this. Yeah, baby! Sex show!

Shawnster: Who’s driving?

Allen: Maybe I’ll look for a rubber fist. You know that Doug Stanhope routine about the rubber fist? If you’ve already got two up there, what do you need a third one for? “I feel a gap”?

M: Maybe it’s for pirates. 

Shawnster: Sex toys for pirates! Can I use that?

Allen: What’s the line?

Shawnster: About the rubber fist being a sex toy for pirates.

Allen: I don’t get it.

Shawnster: You know, pirates. Captain Hook? A hook for a hand?

Allen: You’ll have to make that clear in the joke.

M: C’mon, you guys, let’s go. Maybe I’ll get me a new vibe.

Shawnster: What about parking?

Cut to: the gang at the sex trade show. Busy, busy, busy. Scantily clad girls– one of whom wears pasties and is  on stilts—as well as, bikers, punks, and suburban-looking couples roam the  aisles of  booths offering sex aids, party favours, porn offerings, clay body castings, bondage demonstrations and equipment, nude photography services—everything sex-related, and some (hot sauce, protein supplements) not. Shawnster, M, and Allen are at a booth selling vibes, lubes, standard sex toys. M holds a large, futuristic-looking vibe, which has  all sorts of bells, whistles, a remote control, everything but electrodes and stirrups).

M (bored, hanging the item back in its place): Sheesh. I was hoping for something new and exciting.

Shawnster (holding a two-pronged prostate massager): Really? I mean, yeah, I know what you mean. (Reluctantly hangs the prostate massager back on the wall.)

Allen (holding a pair of handcuffs): Hey you guys, what’s going to happen when I have to date again?

Shawnster and M. look at each other. 

M. Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be fun.

Shawnster: Yeah, it’s great. I’m having the time of my life. (Nods at the cuffs.) Make sure you have a pair of those on hand. Cuts back on commitment issues.

Cut to: A stage. On it are two topless models, one female and one male. Two bristly-haired jocks are licking the chocolate off the fake breasts of the girl, and two girls are doing the same off the pecs of the guy, who wears a fireman’s helmet. An MC, a TV-pretty dark-haired woman, encourages the participants. A modest audience whoops and hollers its support.

Shawnster: Why is it a fireman’s helmet is automatically supposed to be sexy? (To M) You don’t find it sexy, do you? (Her eyes are glued to the fake fireman’s torso.) Do you?

Wingy (arrives on the scene in time to see the licking): Hey guys, what’s up? (looks up at the stage, sees the girl being licked clean). Hey, I know her. She bought an ad from me once.

(Audience cheers as the two jocks back away, revealing the big fake boobs licked clean.)

Allen: They’re doing amazing things with saline and chocolate these days.

M: This is totally lame. Let’s go check out the anal sex seminar.


MC: Now we’re going to pour chocolate on their asses! Can I have some volunteers, please?

Cut to: “the dungeon.” This is a separate, enclosed space at the show where demonstrations of various bondage and S&M acts and equipment take place. Sounds of whips snapping and male  screams in the background.

M: Well a lot more Vancouverites than I would have thought are interested in anal sex. Although I don’t know why they’d need a seminar on it. It’s pretty simple, really. (spies a guy in a black leather harness behind one of the Dungeon counters. He’s handing out flyers for upcoming fetish nights.) Oh my God, I went to kindergarten with that guy.

Shawnster: You never know whom you’re going to see at a sex trade show. I just saw a former neighbour. She makes leather corsets now.

Wingy: We really haven’t done very much here. I’m not really in the mood. Those girls who popped their breasts out at us weren’t even attractive.

Allen: Who? Where?

M: Let’s go guys. I’m even more depressed now than before I came here.

Shawnster: Yeah, it’s kind of a rip-off. Twenty bucks to get in so you can spend more money?

M: It’s enough to put you off sex.

Wingy: Yeah. Don’t forget to get a stamp on the way out so we can get back in later.

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