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Scottsdale and Just a Wee Bit of Rain

It’s the first Memorial Day in hmmm like 5 years I haven’t been in Hermosa Beach.

I suppose I knew last year that I wouldn’t be back on the Strand again in ’08. After a certain point, the allure of hundreds of college girls in bikinis and red-white-blue patriotic soccer shinguards begins to pale. Okay, I lie–it never does. But by noon, when they start puking and peeing on stop signs and getting in cheesy fist fights in the bars, pretty much everyone over the age of 25 is like ehhh… over it. Nonetheless you stick around till midnight, because people will not let you leave. Seriously, you try, and they grab you and steer you back into a bar. It’s brutal.

Last year I did the Memorial Day on the Strand thing, and ended up making out w/two randoms–one guy who owns some gyms and swears he doesn’t do steroids (yeh I asked), but everyone thinks he’s lying… and the second, 8 hours later, a Brazilian jiu jitsu instructor named oh I have no idea does it really matter? He was cute, that’s all. 

Oh, and I believe my friend Nadia saved a lovely young lady from drowning in a public toilet at Dragon on the Hermosa Pier. Straight-up heroic she is.

Anyway the day was off the hook, but BJJ instructors, bathroom heroics and all, I kind of felt I’d reached the end of the road with the Memorial Day Hermosa mayhem.

So this year I wound up in Scottsdale with a girlfriend whose husband is in London at grad school for a year. She tells me that some of her girlfriends get all judgmental about Hubby being overseas. I’m a good antidote for that b/c I am the last person to judge. How could I? The closest thing I have to a relationship is some guy I see weekly when he’s not too angst-y for human contact (yes I do have one, but am not going to write about it–it is simply too dull for a self-respecting singles’ blog) and who would probably go to Mars for the duration of the millennium if he thought it would help his career. And I would fully support him in it.

Anyway. Back to the matter at hand, which is Scottsdale. I thought it would be 100 degrees & was totally ready to get a sweet tan (YES I KNOW this is an unhealthy outlook, but it’s MY HOLIDAY, I’ll do what I want!). Sadly, however, the city was hit by the same cold snap as everywhere else in our southernly, westerly region. I heard it was snowing in Flagstaff. The desert regions were chilly with a chance of rain. And I don’t even want to know what all those collegiate chickie-poos in Hermosa did on Saturday morning. Rollerblades, red-white-blue shin guards and giant overcoats (or bathrobes) just don’t have the same effect as eenie-weenie bikinis.

I guess I’ll never know. I can tell you, however, that I got a nice hike in, and spa’d it up like a queen bee in the Fairmont Scottsdale, and that Michael Mina steaks are marinated in *butter*, which is delightful… and, hm, that in not-entirely-unrelated news, I am quite fat right now. And as always, totally in love with the desert. It calms me in a way the beach never will. 

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