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Double dose of Vegas

Hadn’t been to Las Vegas in about a year, but made up for it by heading over there twice in the past two weeks… and as usual, the place had me begging for mercy within 24 hours each time.


First time was for the Palazzo opening–I suppose everyone has heard about it by now. New snazzy grande Las Vegas hotel. Basically the Venetian’s elegant non-themey younger sister. You may have seen the celeb snaps in the tabloids, and I can confirm that the celebs were indeed wandering about, as I made the eternally embarrassing mistake of thinking I knew Margaret Cho from somewhere and asking, “Have we worked together before?” in front of a table of people.

 Apart from that a fairly good time was had by me. It was very lights-cameras-where’s-the-action: lots of spectators wandering around wondering when something fabulous might go down…but most of the time, it was all just press conferences and “official” ceremonies, though. I must say, though, I liked


the girls dancing in the fountains,


 the Barney’s spokesmodels on stilts, and the fact that Sheldon Adelson, the ancient multi-billionaire who owns the Sands Corp, came out to several of the opening events with barely any entourage at all–except for his wife, who is something like 40 years younger than him and apparently a doctor or similar.

(Note: I would have had lots more photos, but the photographer buddy I was with has developed an annoying habit of shooting tons of photos of me, and then neglecting to send over a single one.)

Truly, though, the real photo ops came during the following trip–which I just returned from a few days ago. Only they’re going to have to wait till next post, because this WordPress blog tool appears to be possessed, and I have neither the patience nor the technical savvy to deal with it right now. Back at you tomorrow.

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