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Master Cleanse Day 8: frickin’ hungry

People ask me how I am. I’m f***in’ hungry, that’s how I am!

Proving to myself once again that I should stay in as much as possible, I was out walking on a busy thoroughfare this afternoon and the smells of food were overwhelming. Barbecue, Thai, sandwich boards advertising tiramisu… I’m surprised I’m still able to even form sentences for my lack of food.

Strangely, I had enough energy for a workout, one that even included some weights. In fact yesterday I had tons of energy, and today’s not so bad either. And when I do get hungry, I just take another swig of my trusty ol’ lemonade concoction (water, fresh squeezed lemon juice, maple syrup, a dash of cayenne). That seems to tide me over, until the next hunger pang, that is.

It’s Day 8, for those of you keeping track; I just got off the phone with someone, and of course since all I can talk about is this cleanse, I brought it up, and he said, “Is that the 14 day one?” A shivered with fright… God, I hope not! I thought it was 10 days, which is I think about all I can stand.

So; tonight and two more days, Saturday and Sunday. I’ll probably have to go out for supplies—maple syrup and lemons—tomorrow, but otherwise I’m not going to be going many places, although tonight I’ve got a couple of things I’m semi-commited to. The rest of the weekend will be spent working on a jigsaw puzzle and trying not to think about pizza.

The Twister, by the way, is now in Zurich. Apparently they take May Day pretty seriously over there, and she walked out of her b & b earlier into a cloud of mustard gas aimed at a bunch of demonstrators.

Mmmm, mustard gas….

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