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Dating and broke

As a self-employed single mom, money is tight. Actually, in this climate its fair to say that money is tight for everyone but I’m pretty much surfing the poverty line every day. I mean, I get by and my child is well looked after. The reasons that we are poor are that I bought a house and had to spend $12000 on a lawyer last year thanks to custody battle bullshit. But anyway, being broke is my reality right now, which is hard when dating.

On many levels, it is difficult to date when broke. Here’s what I need money for every time I date:

1) Babysitter. Before I’ve walked out my door I’ve spent $20 on childcare. If its a good date, that could be more like $50.

2) Haircut. Because although cutting my own bangs with kitchen scissors and sticky tape is fine for everyday mommy life, I do dream of presenting a more polished persona when meeting a man.

3) New tights/ stockings/ whatever. There is always one thing that my dream outfit needs in order to make me feel pretty.

4) Taxi fare home.

5) Money for beers/ dinner/ whatever. Of course I hope that my date might pick up the tab but you never know, so you need to be prepared. (For the record, I like it when men at least offer to pay, and not just because I am poor.)

Because of this, going on a date is never just an easy feat like it was in my carefree youth where (thanks to being a grunge girl) it was as simple as putting on some black eyeliner and strutting out the house looking carefully dishevelled, because I am supposed to look like a put-together woman in order to snare a man.

And now, because the date I am getting really excited for is in Vancouver (the traveling boy has returned to Canada and I am about to actually take our fling off-line and in to the real world!), I have that pesky plane ticket to cough up, and one for my child so that I can make this a combined custody visit for her and week of fun for mummy.

Dating is expensive, and unlike when you buy something tangible and know that you will be getting a certain value for that expenditure, you never quite know whether you’ll be getting any bang for your buck. Of course, not knowing what you will get and the hope that you will actually score something that money can’t buy is what makes this dating malarkey truly worthwhile.


Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?


Hello LavaBabies! A lot of you probably know of me through my SexyEats, Drinks, Resorts series (and if you don’t, then get your virtual behinds to the archives and read them the second you finish this post. Otherwise I’ll get offended).
I’ve been the unofficial NC-17 Travel Queen for a while now—you could almost say it’s my calling. I’m inappropriate, up for anything at any time, and try like hell not to reget it the next morning. My hobbies include:

  • Boozing
  • Boxing
  • Dancing to Damien Marley like I think I have rhythm or something
  • Making out with random guys in seedy bars and ditching them by the end of the night
  • Late-night Las Vegas strip-club adventures with sexy Scandinavian boys  (yum!)
  • Foie gras and sweet wine
  • Sex and scandal…

I would never be so bold as to think I know exactly what y’all are looking for, but I think as a fellow single, I have a pretty good idea: Potential hotness, Kodak moments, dirty little secrets, VIP tables. Love. Lust. Fun.

One of these days I’ll probably be shacked up in Suburbia and pregnant and happily shopping for china patterns. (Well okay maybe not, but you get the idea.) And I assume lots of you will be too. Till then, I figure, life is juicy–why not take a big ol’ bite? If you’re with me on this, stay with me, and I’ll happily pass along any tips, tricks, parties and must-hit destinations that I can find. Who knows…maybe I’ll bump into you at one of them and buy you a drink. Till then, let’s just be good li’l Web friends and I promise to post lots of crazy pictures for your enjoyment.

Love and kisses,


August 2020

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