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Project Wingman pt. 1

Date: Saturday, May 3

Name: Tim C.

Occupation: playwright

Age: 40something

Assignment: Dinner party, rock shows (2), burlesque festival after-party.

Assessment: Tim became the first participant in Project Wingman unknowingly, so I think of this as a test run. Old pals, we ran into each other at a dinner party and spent the rest of the night hanging out. Bonus points: he had a car, so I didn’t have to drive. He came out for the long haul–first to see a couple of bands he knew nothing about (Cryptacize and Kelley Stoltz, for those of you keeping track at home) and then really journeying into the unknown (the burlesque after-party). Strikes: his driving left a little to be desired (the car was a rental; I could tell he doesn’t drive much) and he seemed at a loss of what to do with himself at the after-party. Also, he’s a smoker. 6/10

Date: Tuesday, May 6

Name: Nancy L.

Occupation: journalist

Age: n/a

Assignment: A tasting of New Zealand wines at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, followed by a gala fashion show party for the organization Arts Umbrella at the fancy-pants department store Holt Renfrew, capped by a rock show at the Plaza Club.

Assessment: Nancy is always an enthusiastic party-goer, especially where wine is involved. She talks to everyone at wine-tastings to suss out the best stuff, making her an invaluable companion. She was also raring to go to the Holt thing, and more than amenable to see hip-hop/pop act Northern State at the Plaza Club. However, she wanted to leave the gala early when she ran into a co-worker she did not want to see, and didn’t want to stick it out for all of Northern State’s set. Not that I blame her–the room was dead.  7.5/10

Date: Friday, May 9

Name: Nicole W.

Occupation: scientist

Age 28

Assignment: art opening; weird party; smelly punk show; slightly more civilized punk show.

Assessment: An unknown quantity met less than a week previous, Nicole proved to be a game lass as we made the rounds. She was interested in the art at the opening, and seemed slightly curious about the weird party (long story short: it was full of ex-pats from my old hometown). The funky odor of the NOFX show got to her, I think, as did the preponderence of testosterone in the air, but she enjoyed the dance-punk of another band at a far divier locale. However, she didn’t know many people so I felt duty bound to stay close by her side most of the night. Indeed, at times it felt almost like, whuddya call ’em, a date–not necessarily a bad thing. And she matched me drink for drink. 7/10 

Date: Saturday May 10

Name: John W.

Occupation: librarian

Age: 40ish

Assignment: Detroit rock ‘n’ roll band the Dirtbombs, quiet bar

Assessment: Having known John for aeons, I’m well aware of his advantages and shortcomings as a wingman. On the plus side, he’s very independent and can talk to anyone about a seemingly endless array of subjects. On the downside, he’s not the greatest when it comes to meeting girls. Also, does not have his own car, so I often end up driving out of my way to get him home. On this night, he enjoyed the Dirtbombs, and it was easy enough to convince him to go for a couple of beers at one of my fave hangs, Six Acres. But when I struck up a conversation with the two ladies at the table next to ours, he clammed up. 7/10


Requiem for a wingman


Another one has fallen.

It is my sad duty to report the loss of another wingman in the line of duty. Wingman # 2, or Wingy as he was affectionately known on these blogs, can now take his rightful place in the Wingman Hall of Fame alongside Wingman #1, aka Former Wingman. Many hear the call but few are chosen. These were men among men; Wingmen among Wingmen. They served with loyalty and bravery in the frontlines of the Vancouver singles scene, but ultimately could not face one more cocktail party at the Opus Hotel bar. I can’t say that I blame them… (read more here)

April 2020

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