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He looked good on the dancefloor, but….

I ventured out on Saturday night to go to a club here in Halifax for the first time, the Paragon (which used to be the Marquee) where Skratch Bastid was playing. It was a fun night, Skratch Bastid played an incredible set and I danced for hours. There were lots of hot boys, and one in particular kept dancing near me and eventually we locked lips and made out. Thrilling! He was super cute, but it turned out he was only 26. He thought it was no big deal, and we kept hanging out together. I had an overwhelming urge to drop the ‘I have a kid’ bomb to save wasting my time, or his, and when I did he responded with interested questions. I liked him.

So, he and his roomie were having a little party after the club closed and my posse of six decided we’d go. More beer? For sure! I fully took advantage of the fact that my neighbor who was babysitting said to stay out a late as I wanted, although I was feeling a little guilty every time I saw a clock. I held hands with the boy in the cab on the way home and everything was going well, until we got to his place.

We walked in to his sparsely furnished bachelor pit and I realized that his lifestyle was so far from mine that nothing was ever going to happen between us. We’re talking a framed picture of dogs playing poker (I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be ironic, but maybe not) above a thrift-store sofa, and very little else in the room. The floor was bare tiles. There were four garbage bags full of empty beer-cans on the balcony. It was like student digs, but he wasn’t a student. It wasn’t just his place that was shocking; once in the cold harsh light of his apartment, the appeal of him had worn off.

I sat there for half an hour, but I just wanted to get home to bed. Suddenly I felt too wasted to even pretend to be interested in the drunken conversations going on, and I was feeling REALLY guilty about my neighbor there waiting for me to get home (who I assumed was asleep, but it was 3am now, what if she wasn’t?)

I made for the door. The boy got up and asked if we could exchange numbers. I said with as much sincerity as I could muster, “Sure, give me your number and I’ll call you,” and he asked if we could go out next Saturday. I said yes, then I felt really guilty, but there was no way I could cope with seeing him again (but being in Halifax I believe the likelihood of this happening is pretty much 90% going to happen). I wrote his number on my hand and went downstairs to wait for a cab in the lobby. Horror of horrors, I was waiting an hour for a cab, and didn’t make it home until 4.30 am. It was the latest I’ve been up in years and years.

Once home, I had a bath and sat there scrubbing his number off the back of my hand. In my drunken state I started thinking that I missed my ex-husband. But then I remembered seeing him recently and that ridiculous “Dumb and Dumber” haircut he has now, and it made me smile, and I realized that no matter how lonely I feel, or how much I want a man in my life, I don’t want my ex-husband any more than I want the interior design challenged 26 year-old. Better off alone than in another crummy relationship.


Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?


Hello LavaBabies! A lot of you probably know of me through my SexyEats, Drinks, Resorts series (and if you don’t, then get your virtual behinds to the archives and read them the second you finish this post. Otherwise I’ll get offended).
I’ve been the unofficial NC-17 Travel Queen for a while now—you could almost say it’s my calling. I’m inappropriate, up for anything at any time, and try like hell not to reget it the next morning. My hobbies include:

  • Boozing
  • Boxing
  • Dancing to Damien Marley like I think I have rhythm or something
  • Making out with random guys in seedy bars and ditching them by the end of the night
  • Late-night Las Vegas strip-club adventures with sexy Scandinavian boys  (yum!)
  • Foie gras and sweet wine
  • Sex and scandal…

I would never be so bold as to think I know exactly what y’all are looking for, but I think as a fellow single, I have a pretty good idea: Potential hotness, Kodak moments, dirty little secrets, VIP tables. Love. Lust. Fun.

One of these days I’ll probably be shacked up in Suburbia and pregnant and happily shopping for china patterns. (Well okay maybe not, but you get the idea.) And I assume lots of you will be too. Till then, I figure, life is juicy–why not take a big ol’ bite? If you’re with me on this, stay with me, and I’ll happily pass along any tips, tricks, parties and must-hit destinations that I can find. Who knows…maybe I’ll bump into you at one of them and buy you a drink. Till then, let’s just be good li’l Web friends and I promise to post lots of crazy pictures for your enjoyment.

Love and kisses,


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