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Publicist Marnie Wilson of artzbiz mans the decks at Unite With Art.

UNICEF. How long has this organization been around for? It’s like the McDonalds of charities. Everyone has a UNICEF memory, from Hallowe’en. But what is UNICEF today?

Well, the organization is concentrating its efforts on children in Africa with HIV/AIDS. That was the reason for the fundraiser Wednesday night, Unite With Art. A silent and live auction, with some live musical entertainment and food from a select group of Vancouver restaurants, the whole thing was held in the Storyeum building.

Which is a story in itself—the Storyeum was  a museum dedicated to BC history, and took up a vast amount of space in heavily-touristed area Gastown. However, the makers failed to take into account that BC history is, well, boring. And now the building, 40,000 sq. ft. or something, and in a prime location, is more or less vacant, and has been for a couple of years, awaiting new tenants.)

Anyway. So, Unite With Art. I went with a friend who’d recently broken up with his girlfriend, so he was definitely interested in meeting some new people. To his credit, he did—he circulated with the best of them. I hung out, after gorging myself on morsels from local restaurants like the Reef, So.Cial and Nubuwith, the event’s publicists. The art itself was a varied assortment, from abstract paintings to photographs, by local and international artists.



Thursday was Punk Rock Nite. I went and saw Rancid and Rise Against in an arena. Rancid was great, and so was the hospitality suite which, I have to admit, is really the only reason I went. I know, my punk rock cred’s completely shattered at this point. Sigh.

Do you ever work yourself into a tizzy about something, only to be disappointed? That’s what happened Friday, when I went to see a Scottish indie-pop band, Camera Obscura, at the Commodore. I loved the new record top-to-bottom (including the title, My Maudlin Career) but the live show was ho-hum. A friend in the audience, who had seen the band the last time it had come through town,  said she’d even seen the singer (Tracyanne) shooting dirty looks at the guitarist (Kevin). Just a rumour, though.

The best things about the evening were the opening band, Agent Ribbons, an all-girl trio from Sacramento playing Southern Gothic folk/rock…


and the electric guitar player dude standing in the doorway of a Granville Street store. Dude basically had a captive audience of people filing past as they left the Commodore, because the sidewalks are fenced in because the road is closed. (The city is constructing an underground train line from the airport to downtown in time for the 2010 Olympics.) He looked a little goofy like Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey, but the weird thing was, he really rocked it on a James Brown tune.

Last night at a party I could hear myself telling the story about how I’d got my cat, Max. I knew then it was time to go but I still kept talking.

Today, checked out the Rembrandt/Vermeer exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. What a rip! Only one (maybe two) paintings by Rembrandt and only one by Vermeer! The rest were second-stage (Dutch) Lollapalooza types. I call foul on marketing. However, the exhibit Apartment Ought is pretty cool. If you’re in Vancouver, you’ve got to check this out: it’s a six-level structure-in-a-structure (the VAG) where each level is an artist’s rendition of interior home design for the last 60 years. That is, the first level is decorated ’50s style, the second ’60s, etc, right up to the minimalist, cold ’90s. Quite a feast for the eyes, especially if you long for the shag-carpet-in-the-bathroom look. And who doesn’t?

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