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Memorial Day Weekend in Palm Springs

The Desert Valley Star Weekly reports about the exposure of an illegal sex club in Palm Springs. Which sounds about right, actually.

However, if there’s a sex club at the Riviera Resort and Spa I haven’t found it. I’m sure however there’ll be a lot more going on this weekend, when folks from LA make the drive to enjoy the long weekend (Memorial Day) around the pool.

And what a pool! The eight resort suite buildings, two- and three-storeys, as well as the main building/ lobby/restaurant are arranged around the swimming area, which includes an amoeba-shaped main pool and a hot tub. Palm trees, cabanas (rentable for the day, orange-and-green cushioned loungers and scoop-backed chairs, and tan California girls in Hooters orange and tight white hotpants (staff for the Bikini Bar) are the mainstays. For the first few days, nothing but Nouvelle Vague, the French band that plays lounge versions of new wave and punk classics, could be heard from the speakers, although yesterday (Thursday) the music was changed up a bit to include ’70s soul and classic rock (including, unfortunately, Eric Clapton’s egregious “I Shot the Sherrif”). The sun is gloriously hot and, at least in the days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, the pool is lightly populated – just the right amount of people, in fact; couples both young and middle-aged, one or two families, and groups of girls, some who are staying at other hotels but come just for the pool.

According to the “RIV Weekender”, an in-house publication, DJ Drewdown will be spinning this weekend noon-4. My plane leaves at 7, which will give me just enough time to work on my tan for another six hours before heading over to the Starlite Lounge, located off the reception desk, for Happy Hour. The deal: 50% of sharables, beer, wine and specialty cocktails, an offer I’ve been taking advantage of over in the Sidebar, which has both a dimly lit interior and a deck.

I’ve also been taking advantage of the gym, a small but functional facility with the usual treadmills, stair-climbers, Nautilus-type of unit and free weights, for some early morning workouts so I can feel less paunchy around the svelte young things around the pool. (So far, it’s not working all that well.) The gym is next to SpaTerre, the resort’s spa, where I was treated to an invigorating Balinese massage on my second day.

I have to say the Riviera Resort and Spa had been a delight, more or less. Next time I would probably rent a car to save on the extravagant hotel bills I’ve run up, though I haven’t been too bad – mostly it’s been mint juleps by the pool.

Well, heck, there’s more to write but the pool area is filling up and if I don’t act fast I won’te get a prime seat. I’m sure you understand.

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