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The set up

My neigbour knows the perfect guy for me apparently. Freshly divorced, two kids, works in a creative field and very nice. He sounded awesome and I got kind of excited at the prospect of meeting this man, but then found out that he wasn’t quite divorced and lives in the same house as his wife still. So although he could well be the perfect guy for me once his shit is together and he is properly separated, right now, there is no way I could get involved with a mess like that.

One of my new rules in life (post divorce) is no relationship drama. I realize that any relationship is going to have some drama at some point, but if someone is still living with their wife I cannot see how that could bode well. Even if they are definitely split, this guy has some healing to do. Maybe next year, if I’m still single I’ll check in with my friend about that guy, but right now its not going to happen.

Then two of my girlfriend’s met a guy that they thought would be perfect. A friend of one of their husbands who had moved back to Halifax recently. He sounded exciting and interesting, and a dinner was arranged so that I could see for myself what a catch he was. The dinner was great and yes, this guy seemed to be a catch,until he mentioned that Halifax was just a temporary stay and he was planning to move back to Montreal as soon as possible. I can’t invest time in someone that doesn’t want to live here. Plus, I don’t think he was exactly bowled over by me, there was a lack of spark for sure both ways.

Despite the fact that none of my set-ups have played out to a great conclusion, I still like it when my friends try to find me the perfect guy because I think it shows how much my friends are invested in my happiness. They want me to be happy, and I love that. Given how hard it is to find someone in this city, I’ll take whatever help I can get.

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