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Sleepovers. This Single Mom’s Guilty Secret?

Since my daughter was born, I have been incredibly discrete in my (failed) relationships. Only once has my daughter seen another man here when she woke up in the morning, and she never saw us in bed together or even holding hands. I am perhaps a little paranoid about this whole thing, but I do not want to be “one of those kinds of mothers” who imposes her “special friends” on her child, only to leave the little mite heartbroken and confused when things didn’t work out.

My bad mother paranoia even goes so far as to panic over going out too much or leaving my child with new babysitters. My weird tangent nightmares have me dressed as Ann Margaret singing “Do you think its alright, to leave the boy with Uncle Ernie” I am trying to decide whether making my love affairs completely covert operations is going over-the-top or in fact the right thing to do.

The only man in my life that my daughter has ever met is the Brooklyn Boy. When the Brooklyn Boy came to see me the first time I made him stay in a hotel, and only came to see him when my daughter was either staying with her father or asleep. The second time, I let him stay in my house and for four days he was a part of our lives. It was lovely, he is a sweetheart (works with children and very good with them) and my girl adored him. When he left, she asked about him for weeks and now four months on seems to have forgotten all about it.

I am seriously attracted to the boy I’ve been chatting with in Bali, and when he comes back to Canada in three weeks, I want to go see him.

Problem is, as usual, I’m pretty broke, so there is little chance I can afford to fly to Vancouver (where he lives, where I just moved from last year, where I will never move back to). Going there would be ideal because the darling child can go stay with her daddy (which would make my ex very happy, as he hasn’t seen her since we were last there in January) and I can pretend to be a carefree single woman for a few days. However, stumping up for two return tickets to Vancouver for what will be a fling, seems a little daft when I should be insulating my house and paying down my credit card.

A possible solution would be to invite Bali Boy (as he shall hence be known) here. I have known Bali Boy many years, he is close friends with a very good friend of mine and I think it could work. If I can shake off the guilt about having a life outside my child and allowing her to see that. If I do invite said boy, I still don’t want my daughter to see me being affectionate with him or anything else, and I guess this may be a little odd.

Oh I don’t know.

I am trying so bloody hard to be a fantastic mother, and the idea of doing anything at all to provide a less than healthy model for my little girl scares me.


Master Cleanse, Day X: gimme nachos

Well it’s finally here.

For the last 10 days I’ve eaten nothing. Not a scrap of food. Instead, I’ve been drinking glass after glass of lemonade spiked with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

I didn’t do any preparation, either. There was no “easing into” it or psyching myself up. No; last Friday, on our way to the airport to see the Texas Twister off to Portland (and then Switzerland), we stopped for a last breakfast of an Egg MacMuffin-type of thing, but fresh and made at an actual cafe. And then, rather than start the next day, I decided “it’s now or never.” And so that was the last thing I ate. In 10 days.

So now that it’s just about done, what will my first meal be? A breakfast muffin and coffee? Granola and yoghurt? Some fresh fruit and toast? Nachos? (Which is what I really, really, really want. A big plate of greasy nachos covered in cheddar cheese and with slices of jalapeno and black olives and banana peppers, with salsa and gaucomole and sour cream on the side… but I digress.)

Orange juice.

Yes, that’s right. That’s what I can reward myself with for the last week-and-a-half of foodless torture.

See, it’s recommended by Experts on the Web that one eases back into the consumption of real food, starting with juice, than soup broth, and finally some fruits and vegetables in about three days. For two reasons: to avoid shocking your poor digestive system, and to keep the weight off.

Nothing was said about nachos.

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