Age is just a number

I know that 50 is supposed to be the new 30, but that doesn’t mean I want to start dating across the generation gap. Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of 50-something men I meet don’t think this way, and assume that it is me they should be trying to pick-up instead of women of their own age. Last weekend I was in a bar with a good friend, lets call her Angie, who is 53, and after she put a considerable amount of effort in to talking to a good looking guy a few years older than her he turned and asked for my phone number. She was pretty pissed off, especially when it kept happening. And I should state that my friend is a stunning looking woman who is in much better physical shape than I am!

This doesn’t just happen in real life, online I’d say that 90% of the man that contact me are at least as old as my dad. Some try to hide it, others make a joke out of it, but most don’t think its an issue. One guy lists his age as 48 but in the body of his profile admits he does this because he has such a young soul and simply cannot date women of his own age. Another told me that he was like cheese, and had gotten better with age. Oh please, give me a break! There are so many gorgeous, fantastic women out there who are past 40 and not getting a look-in because these silver foxes think they are too good for them in some way.

There are many reasons why I’m holding out for a man of my own age (32) or at least within ten-years of me, too many to list probably, but the major one is that I want more children. Unfortunately so do some of these men, and they see me as some kind of last chance saloon in which to donate their sperm. I know that May to December romances work for some people, but unless you are Sting, Perry Farrel or Pierce Brosnan there is no way you are getting my number.

* Feel like I should put a disclaimer here. I love Sting for his past achievements, not his recent ones. And if I were to make sweet love to him I would recall his body in the movie Dune or as ‘Aceface/ Bellboy’ in Quadrophenia and pretend not to know about all that awful Elizabethan revival lute crap he put out a few years back.

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