Blog love: “I hate you”

So I was reading in yesterday’s New York Times a story (“Commoner Captures Princes, Blog Version”) about Ann Althouse, a blogger who has found love with one of her commenters.

My initial reaction—after, “This warrants a story in the New York Times?!!!”—was, have there been any overtures (or undertures) in the comments I’ve received for this blog? (Rest assured, I am quite happily ensconced in domestic bliss with the Texas Twister. Just curious.)

A quick glance at the comments I’ve received leaves me with a resounding, “Not even close.” Dismissing comments from friends, acquaintances and my real estate agent, I’m left with correspondents like Optimusprime (“Hi any girls who are single?”), Jimmy (“Did either of you actually get laid?”—ouch!), and Nicole (“I hate you”). Hardly the stuff of Internet come-ons, n’est-ce pas?

Not that I’m writing this blog for any reason other than to entertain and, perhaps, enlighten while getting the odd free night at a hotel. But every writer hopes, I think on some level, that his or her prose will seduce as well. And you’d think a blog on an online personals site would have brought me at least one proposal by now, even if from someone doing time at a federal penitentiary.

Oh well. Perhaps it’s time try my hand at poetry…

1 Response to “Blog love: “I hate you””

  1. 1 Sourshark
    April 22, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    So what about a comment or an overture from someone who has previously done time in a Federal Penitentiary, but is not presently incarcerated? I suspect that would qualify, but is probably not the point you were trying to make? Perhaps it IS time to try your hand at poetry!?

    So, I know my limitations, and a comedian I am not, so perhaps it is in my best interest to just cut to the chase! It has been years (literally), since we have spoken, or exchanged correspondences, and the fact that I found you on a “dating site” blog page, must have some intrinsic humorous, or at the very least,ironical value! I suppose I thought by now, that I would be re-reading your first novel, or would have heard an interview on CBC with you as you promoted some new socially saterical magazine that was becoming prominent! This is not to say I am surprised, only that as always, I still believe deeply in your talents and still have an expectation of greater things to come! For a deep cynic such as myself I suppose that is pretty optimistic thinking, and also Shawn I’m sure there is a veiled compliment in there somewhere, but you may have to really look for it to find it!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog lately, and really enjoyed your “Greatest 10 Funny-book Romance” piece, good to see you still jump at a chance to reference “Love and Rockets” (some things really never change, and as I grow older, I think I take comfort in this). Anyways , again I digress, and I am pretty sure I don’t want to have this reunion of sorts take place in a public forum, so suffice it to say, the singular reason I am writing this response comment is to get your attention, and hopefully renew a correspondence with you!

    I can’t imagine you ever thought your blogging might lead to the contact with long lost friends, but given that entertainment was your goal, I like to think this will be a pretty welcome, though perhaps unexpected result! I have million questions for you regarding old friends and acquaintances, and I would love to just shoot the breeze and find out all about you, your present state, your prospects, the music you love, the state of your love life (Texas Twister hun?)and just generally whats going on…..I don’t however want any pictures of knick-knacks residing in your parents basement! Unless of course they are old band memorabilia!

    I am hopeful you will get my contact info from my profile stuff here on Lavalife, as I did in fact take the time to sign up… and that really demonstrates how committed to tracking you down I actually am! I don’t really know why this is happening now.. don’t know what possessed me to type your name into Google last week, but if someone has died, or there is some karmic coincidence waiting to happen, well I guess it was simply meant to be… if however, and this is more likely, it is simple random chance… well so be it, I am okay with that as well! The reward will be to simply say hello!

    So for now my old and lost friend, I bid you fare-well, until we chat again!

    xoxo Your Friend Steven Harris (was gonna sign this as the BEST “Wingman” whom ever lived, but I have never been a Wingman….always squad leader! But of course only in my own mind!)

    As you can see, I have not lost either my sense of humor, nor my incredible humility!

    As they say in cyber-ville; lol 🙂

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