Dreaming of boys in far away places

There may not be much real romance in my life, but there’s a virtual one that keeps my imagination wandering. There’s this guy, very cute, sexy, smart and bloody funny, but he lives in Vancouver (where I just moved from last June) and right now he is traveling around Asia for another couple of months. He is a friend of a good friend, I’ve known him vaguely for at least ten years and the mutual friend tried to set us up at a dinner party she held last time I visited Vancouver, in February.

It was a fantastic dinner party, with sexy conversation (she is a very sexy friend!), great food and plenty of good wine. I flirted with the hot guy all night and he gave me a ride home, we had that awkward extended chat in the car before I got out but nothing happened. I left his car thinking that something should have happened, there was chemistry, right? But then I doubted myself and thought it was probably just one-sided.

Almost two months later we start chatting online and five minutes in to the conversation he tells me that he keeps thinking that he should have kissed me that night. Which I found incredibly sweet and romantic. Over the next few days the tone of our conversations became less sweet and more dirty, which has been fun. Really good fun. And we’re talking about meeting up when I go back to Vancouver next.

This is not going to go anywhere, I’m not talking long-term romance or dreaming of a shared future, but I am excited at the prospect of spending time with a hot guy who thinks I’m ‘adorable’, ‘smart’ and ‘funny’ and told me that he’d rather be chatting online with an intelligent and beautiful woman like me than trying to bang all the hot Swedish bimbos on the beaches of Bali. See, I told you he was sweet!

This will certainly make my next trip to Vancouver more bearable. I love the place, hell I probably would have stayed if it wasn’t for the constant driving rain, the junkies and crazy house prices, but going there means that I have to hand my daughter over to her dad for ten days, and I find it really really hard not to have her with me.

That said, its the only time off I get, so I intend to make the most of it. Let’s just see if this online flirtation can continue until I make it out to the west coast next time.

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