Bounty Boy, SingleTease–Upping the Effort Ante

People are getting so creative with their SO searches these days, it’s beginning to make me feel positively lax. Obviously there’s online dating, speed dating, matchmakers, profile doctors, dating coaches, seminars, singles’ mixers and all that good ol’ stuff. Then you have bachelor auctions, “concierge” services w/female company included, and all the other quasi-fun, quasi-creepy borderline pimp services. And then there are the few but ever-increasing folks who take dating search to entrepreneurial new levels.

First, there’s homeboy who got in the Onion and on a daytime talk show for starting a grass-roots email campaign to find himself a girlfriend. I call him Bounty Boy. Different from your average garden-variety spammer, he actually is offering $600 to the person who sets him up with Mrs. Bounty. Well, wait, I guess regular spammers promise such things as well, but a friend-of-a-friend actually knows this guy, so I’m assuming he’s a real person, not a fake name attached to an auto-email system somewhere in India.

Anyway my questions for Bounty Boy are as follows:
1. Why the Onion?
2. If your email gets passed along four times before someone finally hooks you up with the girl, do all four of the people in the chain have to split the $600?
3. Do you want a girlfriend, or do you actually just want to be on TV? (Being that this originated in LA, it’s okay to admit to a bit of both.)

Then, next up, we have my lovely lady of SingleTease. I have no idea what her name is, but I saw her speak at a small business conference, and I was tickled. She’s started a clothing line (SingleTease…duh) with logos that advertise the wearer’s single status. Messages include SINGLE, ASK ME OUT, SAY HELLO and LOOKING FOR GOOD PICKUP LINES.

To me, these messages are okay, but not as bold as they could be. I brought up the whole idea to an editor, and we had a field day coming up with SingleTeasers: MY EVIL TWIN THINKS YOU’RE HOT, TO TAP OR NOT TO TAP IT (THAT IS THE QUESTION), or the simple but effective DO ME. Truthfully though I’m not sure I have the cojones to wear any of the above–I’m not really much of one for advertising stuff on my chest. The only logo tee I own has Strawberry Shortcake on the front. (Yes, it’s my size. Barely.)

Nonetheless, I’ll probably have no choice in rocking the SingleTease look in broad daylight, b/c I stupidly, over-enthusiastically volunteered to do so for the local paper. And as for Bounty Boy…well, he probably has a Ms. Bounty already plus 15 backups waiting in the wings. You can get a lot for $600 in LA these days.

2 Responses to “Bounty Boy, SingleTease–Upping the Effort Ante”

  1. May 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    hey girl!

    With some clever writing like this, I cant imagine you not wearing a SingleTee. seems like you have cojones to me! : )

    make sure to check out the candid videos on YouTube…search SingleTease! that could be you!

  2. May 16, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    did you see me at Ladies Who Launch? email me! I want to hear about wearing the tee for the local paper! kristin

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