Spice up your life!

Spice Girls Left: Spice Girls show some love


Okay, so, what could be weirder than four possibly heterosexual guys going to a Spice Girls concert? Well, when one of those guys proudly announces that, a few years ago, he trekked all the way out into the suburbs to see Mel C. (Sporty) play a solo show a few years ago. “It was great,” said Jay. 


 Confetti Left: end-of-show confetti–no cliche left unturned.

Last night, he, Wingy, Wingy’s friend Oleg and myself made the trek to GM Place for the kick off concert of the Spice Girls’ reunion tour right here in Vancouver. Was it spectacular? Yes. Was there screaming? Yes. Did Posh’s boobs look fake? Yes! Was the music awesome? Well…

But you don’t go to a Spice Girls concert for the music. Well, at least I hope you don’t. The sheer excitement was pretty cool though, and though the sold-out, two- hour show had more padding than, uhm, a fake pregnancy on a TV sitcom, there were some highlights, like, uhm… well… there was that dance around the candy-striped stripper poles and… uhm… everyone got super-excited during “Wannabe”…

Anyway, the fans were the real story. When we first walked into the venue, the arena was infused with the smell of teen spirit after it’s had too much Red Bull-and-vodka. Many concertgoers were dressed as their favourite Spices. One girl wore a T-shirt emblazoned, on the back, with the rather confusing message “I [heart] Spice MILFs”.  Another girl spat her wad of gum at a fellow music journalist for no apparent reason. Later, as we made our way towards the car, two girls “from the Valley” asked where they could find the nearest open liquor store, despite the claim they had to work the next day and a two-hour drive back home.

It should be an interesting contrast to tonight’s Tori Amos show. Thank God, at least for this one Wingy and I have dates.


1 Response to “Spice up your life!”

  1. 1 Jay
    December 4, 2007 at 1:25 am

    Ha Ha. You betcha she was great!…I’ll do anything to please, even if it means a date in the ‘burbs for a Sporty Spice show. Plus, I was quite impressed at the time with her ‘talent’. She’s the only one that’s not a MILF now but can I still?

    Weird is the two big jock dudes I overheard who paid $330! each from a scalper outside! No amount of quality cheese is worth that.

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