Haven’t I seen you somewhere before…?


Hello LavaBabies! A lot of you probably know of me through my SexyEats, Drinks, Resorts series (and if you don’t, then get your virtual behinds to the archives and read them the second you finish this post. Otherwise I’ll get offended).
I’ve been the unofficial NC-17 Travel Queen for a while now—you could almost say it’s my calling. I’m inappropriate, up for anything at any time, and try like hell not to reget it the next morning. My hobbies include:

  • Boozing
  • Boxing
  • Dancing to Damien Marley like I think I have rhythm or something
  • Making out with random guys in seedy bars and ditching them by the end of the night
  • Late-night Las Vegas strip-club adventures with sexy Scandinavian boys  (yum!)
  • Foie gras and sweet wine
  • Sex and scandal…

I would never be so bold as to think I know exactly what y’all are looking for, but I think as a fellow single, I have a pretty good idea: Potential hotness, Kodak moments, dirty little secrets, VIP tables. Love. Lust. Fun.

One of these days I’ll probably be shacked up in Suburbia and pregnant and happily shopping for china patterns. (Well okay maybe not, but you get the idea.) And I assume lots of you will be too. Till then, I figure, life is juicy–why not take a big ol’ bite? If you’re with me on this, stay with me, and I’ll happily pass along any tips, tricks, parties and must-hit destinations that I can find. Who knows…maybe I’ll bump into you at one of them and buy you a drink. Till then, let’s just be good li’l Web friends and I promise to post lots of crazy pictures for your enjoyment.

Love and kisses,


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